Islam in Japan Lying Bastards Lying Muslims


Of course they would say that, but also never proving what they say is true.

I hear that Japan (still prone to fanaticism) has enough of these fanatics available to allow Islam a serious go at subverting that society. Japanese might be very nationalist, but they are also prone to fanatical anti-Western ideas like anyone else.

NOTE: Were the Japanese here being very ”un-Japanese”?

Japan’s Muslims dismiss Islamic State as un-Islamic


Muslim residents of Japan on Sunday expressed their condolences for the murder of journalist Kenji Goto and said they were angry about the Islamic State group’s actions.

“We are very, very sorry about this bad news and I am telling the Japanese people that we are very, very sorry,” said Mohamad H. Loghmani, a 44-year-old Iranian resident of Tokyo.

He said the Islamic State group has non-Islamic aims: a hunger for money, power and blood. He said he does not consider its fighters to be Muslims.

“I am telling the Japanese people that Muslim people in the world . . . like Japanese people because they are kind and friendly people,” he said. Loghmani was speaking at a charity bazaar at the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Tokyo on Sunday to raise funds for victims of natural disasters in Iran.

Another visitor to the bazaar was Iranian Nader Mansouri, 52. He, too, was disgusted by the actions of the Islamic State extremists.

“I don’t recognize them as Muslims; I don’t even recognize them as humans,” Mansouri said.

He said he despises the way the extremists threaten others and suggested that if they are so sure of themselves they should ditch their masks and anonymity.

The Islamic State group released a video on the Internet Sunday of Goto’s apparent execution that appeared to show his headless body.

After spending decades covering the Middle East, Goto was captured in Syria while trying to negotiate the release of his friend and fellow hostage Haruna Yukawa.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: I remember this picture of a POW during WWII being beheaded by a Japanese soldier, in how it first affected me as a young student in school, never would I believe that this brutality would become so common of a sight 3-4 decades later.

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