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Samaria Regional Council chief Gershon Mesika praised the actions of the IDF soldier. “I want to bless the soldiers who responded appropriately to the terrorist this evening. Unfortunately, we already know what awful results occur from rocks and firebombs thrown in the name of terror.

Palestinian killed by IDF after throwing firebomb at Israeli vehicle

IDF force shoots, kills one suspect and lightly wounds second suspect following brief manhunt, after the two Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli civilians.

Latest Update:

An IDF paratroopers force shot and killed a Palestinian on Saturday night after he threw a Molotov cocktail towards an Israeli vehicle traveling in the West Bank. Another Palestinian, who had also thrown a firebomb, was shot in his leg by the IDF force after a short manhunt.

Palestinian security officials named the casualty as Ahmad Ibrahim Najar, a 19-year-old from the village of Burin in the West Bank.

The second Palestinian suspect was lightly wounded. A road in the region of the Yitzhar settlement was closed for traffic following the event. Paratrooper soldiers in the area initiated the operation against the attackers. The IDF noted that the soldiers were operating according to the rules of engagement.

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  1. Somehow the event in this story, what Israel has to endure daily, seems as a preview to conditions very soon all across sleeping Europe, and ten years hence to sleeping North America.

  2. I don’t think Barack Hussein Obama would ‘green light’ the response of the Israeli soldier were an incident of this nature to occur in the USA.

    Just let’s remind ourselves of the rules of engagement that American soldiers had to put up with in Afghanistan.

    And I wonder whether the Europeans would adopt the Israeli stance either.

    The elite (what a stupid word, by the way) would be too frightened to do anything that might offend the anti-semites.

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