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Being against the Jewish state of Israel, is in fact an act of overt Jew hatred.

In Germany, the act of Jew hatred/antisemitism is a crime. I’m not advocating for the law, I’m just admitting that it’s a de facto law in a country that murdered 6 million people because they were Jews. So in the German context, the judge’s adjudication in this case is correct, as well as the fact that, the perp convicted, was calling for the death of those who advocate Jewish self determination (Zionism).

German judge convicts man for shouting ‘Death to Zionists’ at march

palestinian berlin

 Women and children attend a demonstration supporting the Palestinians, in Berlin July 22, 2014.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

A judge in Essen ruled on Friday that an anti-Israel activist incited hatred against Jews because of his calls to kill Zionists.

“‘Zionist’ in the language of anti-Semites is a code for Jew,” Judge Gauri Sastry said in a groundbreaking legal decision.

German Turk Taylan Can, 24, yelled “death and hate to Zionists” at an anti-Israel rally in Essen in July.

The daily Die Welt first reported on the decision. According to the paper, a video showed Can screaming for Zionists to be killed and stoked the crowd to follow his outbursts. Germany has strict antihate incitement laws.

The Left Party organized a rally against Israel in July and an “anti-Semitic mob” marched through the downtown area of Essen, the newspaper wrote. After the protest, anti-Israel demonstrators attacked pro-Israel supporters in the main train station. Salutes to Hitler and cries of “shitty Jews” were seen and heard. The explosion of hate resulted in 49 criminal complaints, 45 of which the Essen authorities dismissed in December.

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