Islam in the Netherlands


In a normal world, they wouold have set up a GITMO of their own for this tard to break big rocks into little one.

jihadi speaks

Dutch would-be jihadi’s jail term increased on appeal

January 27, 2015

A would-be Dutch jihadi known as Omar H has had his one year jail sentence extended to 18 months on appeal. H was found guilty of preparing to launch a terrorist attack and incitement after the court was told he had looked online for bomb-making instructions and was preparing to travel to Syria. Last October H was not convicted of terrorism. The public prosecution department had called for a three year jail term.

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  1. PM: Slovakia is Christian, No to Muslims and Mosques

    “Since Slovakia is a Christian country, we cannot tolerate an influx of 300,000-400,000 Muslim immigrants who would like to start building mosques all over our land and trying to change the nature, culture and values ​​of the state,” said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

    Slovakia is the country that had its commemorative Euro coin depicting two Christian saints, Cyril and Methodius, at first rejected by the European Commission, which told Bratislava it would need to re-design the coins and remove Christian symbols, including halos and a cross-adorned stole. Eventually the Slovakia Euro was issued with halos and crosses.

    This is the umpteenth demonstration of an obvious historical and contemporary fact: the stronger a country’s attachment to its Christian heritage, the more robust, intelligent and informed its fight against Islam, as Mr Fico’s strategy well exemplifies.

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    Slovakia is the place to be.

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