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Never mind the fact that the ”marginalized” Muslim bull crap is just that, bull crap, we’re supposed to believe that the solution to Islam 101’ers is more Islam 101’ers.

‘We imams are part of the solution’

'We imams are part of the solution'

The Hamad Bin Khalifa Civilisation Centre on Rovsingsgade. Photo: Morten Haagensen

Published: 28 Jan 2015 08:40 GMT+01:00

“We imams are part of the solution,” Mohammed Ali Blaoo, who runs the large new mosque on Rovsingsgade, told Denmark’s Berlingske newspaper.  “Only we imams can give young people a theological argument for getting out of extremism and taking a moderate position.”

The government on Tuesday dropped a plan to provide funding to imams to help them identify and confront extremist Danes, after the Danish People’s Party refused to accept the measure.

Marin Henriksen, the party’s integration spokesperson argued that imams were ‘part of the problem and not part of the solution’.

Prominent anti-terrorism experts were on Tuesday sharply critical of the decision.

Line Lerche Mørck at Aarhus University, an expert on how marginalised young people become radicalised, called the omission “deeply problematic”.

“It sends a signal to the public that Muslims or imams are people you should not work with,” says she said.

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  1. …‘We imams are part of the solution’..”

    Solution to what exactly? The muslim mental problem that the whole world is not yet an islamic caliphate?

    Imams are big part of the infestation.

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