Free Speech Islam in Finland


He’s representing Islamic interests in Finland, not classic Finnish values.

This is the same guy who was involved in protests in front of the Norwegian embassy in regards to the burning of the koran by two Kurd ex-Muslims in Norway. Here’s a video, translated from Finnish where he explains exactly what he’s all about.

H/T: Vasara Hammer

kurds in finland protest koran burn in norway. 4.3.2012

NOTE: The question that remains is, are there any ties between Muhammad Azizi and terrorist Mullah Krekar in Norway? I asked him about it in a Facebook exchange and wouldn’t deny it.

Aziz believes that is not worth Finland digging for trouble

TS TODAY | Turun Sanomat 24.01.2015 5:01 |

Turku City Council, a Kurdish immigrant Muhis Azizi (National Coalition) Currently there are two major concerns: 1) risk of social exclusion of immigrant youth and 2) and the threat of European freedom of speech.

Azizi fears that the equation 1 + 2 is explosive.

– The cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad hurt each and every Muslim. It can hurt so much that it can make a displaced, poorly schooled Muslims to act which could result in an innocent person dying, Azizi worries.

He makes it clear that, in his opinion, the Danish and Norwegian media and politicians through their own provocations  have made the countries a target for terrorists. A similar lack of discretion Azizi saw in The Finns Youth League magazine proclaiming a cartoon contest, which sought the best of Islam-themed cartoons.

Azizi is grateful that The Finns have informed on Wednesday that they will cancel the competition.

– The competition would only be paying attention to the Islamic extremists in Finland. I am afraid that the Finland will start digging for trouble. There is no point in playing with fire.


NOTE: Please do take note of his classic Islamic fundamentalist supremacist views, as well as his audacious pronouncement in  speaking for all Muslims, that ”all would be offended” by the mo-toons, not just the seventh century mindset that he represents. Azizi’s veiled threats to crimp our freedom of speech rights shouldn’t be taken lightly, this was a serious shot over the bow.

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