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If homosexuals, transgenders and Muslims are so tolerant, why do they need a pool for themselves?

After talking it over with Vlad, we’ve come up with an excellent description of the pool:

It will be a circular swimming pool of the cultural Marxist variety, with the centerpiece of the facility being a statue of Karl himself in a speedo, the pool will have a singular depth to ensure equality, and instead of water it will have carbon tetrachloride (dry cleaning fluid) so trans-gendered muslims can swim in their burkas, and with a sound track of the village people sung in Arabic (on a continual loop) piped in for the listeners enjoyment.

NOTE: If this was a pool funded with private money, for white straight males only, it could never be built, or, all kinds of minority groups would be screaming for the right to join it.

NOTE II: From the article: ”Members of religious groups who would prefer to change without being seen by others are also welcome in the new zone”.

Question: What do you call a special meeting place for the homosexual community and Muslims? Answer: A halal slaughter house.

Sweden’s first LGBT pool makes a loud splash

Sweden's first LGBT pool makes a loud splash

Sweden’s first LGBT swimming pool. Photo: Sundbyberg Stad

Published: 23 Jan 2015 15:59 GMT+01:00

The public swimming pool, which is in the suburb of Sundbyberg, has created new changing rooms with individual cubicles, designed to be used by Stockholm’s gay and transgender community.

The area will also be open to disabled people who would prefer more privacy, or who want to take carers of different genders into the cubicles with them to help them change. Members of religious groups who would prefer to change without being seen by others are also welcome in the new zone.

The swimming pool will retain its other two changing areas for men and women, where gay people can also choose to change if they prefer.

“We did this because we wanted to be inclusive for everyone,” Fredrik Richard, a press spokesman for the local council in Sundbyberg told The Local on Friday.

“People do not always feel comfortable visiting swimming pools and sport places and we hope this will give people more choice. This is the first sports building like this in Sweden and we are pleased we have had a lot of attention from SVT [Sweden’s national public broadcaster] and major newspapers.”

More here.

Heh heh heh…….bingo.

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