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Startup ventures in Israel leading to the next level abroad, as others capitalize on Israeli ingenuity and grow them into big business, spawning more future startups in Israel in the process. It will be interesting to see if Israeli entrepreneurs  begin to take that next big step inside Israel themselves, keeping potential budding mega businesses ”in house”.

“The amounts invested in Israeli hi-tech are going up, many funds are raising money and new investors are joining. The entrepreneurial bug’ is spreading across’ Israel, and we are thus expected to see ever more start-ups popping up.”

Israel Grows From Startup Nation To Exit Nation

The Human Impact Of The Industrial Internet Of Things

Editor’s note: Dennis Mitzner lives in Tel Aviv and is the Chief Editor of Inside3DP. He writes about startups, technology trends and politics.

Thanks to a string of big exits over the past year, Israel’s technology companies are moving the country from a startup nation to an exit nation.

With nearly $15 billion in exits through mergers and acquisitions and public offerings, 2014 was an all-time record year for the Israeli hi-tech industry, compared with a mere $1.2 billion raised in 2013, according to a PwC report for 2014.

The exits were spread out between a variety of tech industries, including Internet, IT, life sciences, communications and semiconductors. Semiconductors had a 38% of the share, but just one semiconductor IPO out of the 18 in total. The road accident avoidance technology developer MobilEye raised $1.023 billion in its August IPO, a record an Israeli company.

As for new giant exits emerging, most argue that Israel’s hi-tech diversity is its strength.

“While there seems to be a general hype around IoT, security and fintech, I find Israel to be a very unique place in the fact that entrepreneurs don’t tend to have group think and as such, we are seeing ventures tackling a very wide array of industries.” said Yaron Carni, the founder of two Israeli VC funds Maverick Ventures and Tel Aviv Angel Group

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