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A colleague: ”This is a low estimate. And everything intensifies once Muslims reach about 10% in any given area.”


Muslims ‘will be 8% of EU population in 2030’

Pew Forum research published by Le Figaro

23 JANUARY, 16:53

(ANSAmed) – PARIS, JANUARY 23 – The Muslim population of the European Union rises by about 1% every decade. This section of the population accounted for 4% in 1990, is around 6% today and could rise to 8% in 2030, according to a study conducted by the US institute Pew Forum and published on Friday by the French daily Le Figaro. Muslims in Europe tend to be younger than the adherents of other religions.

The average age of European Muslims is 32, that of Christians 42 and that of atheists 37. According to the study, coordinated by the demographer Conrad Hackett, France and Germany are the two EU member states with more Muslims on their territory. In 2010, German Muslims totaled 4.8 million, 5.8% of the population. There were instead thought to be 4.7 million in France (7.5% of the population), about 3 million in Great Britain and 2.2 million in Italy.

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  1. These are the 2010 figures, well out-of-date. I seriously doubt they are accurate, in any case. It’s probably very difficult to find Muslims for polling and, even in you do, they might not identify themselves as such. I’m sure the various governments know the true figures. The fact that they don’t make these known is a sure tip-off that they’re much higher than is widely believed.

    1. You’re more than likely correct Adam, as I just told Softly Bob.

  2. 8% is an extremely poor estimate. I think that it’s already 10% by now, although to be fair this is not evenly spread which is why there are pockets of violence among the relatively calm Muslim-free zones.
    It’s also very difficult to count illegal immigrants.
    As this article has already pointed out, 10% is the flash-point and we’re seeing the flash-point now. Hopefully this flash-point will be the trigger that wakes us all up. If it gets to 15 or 20% it will be a lot more difficult to do anything about it.

    1. Softly Bob, more than likely you’re correct, that said, even the low ball estimate is troublesome. we are already seeing the effects of a 10% or more demographic by the intimidation and violence in the streets by Muslims. That’s the indicator that you’re more correct than the article.

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