Yet another religionist Marxist like the Pope.

Totally oblivious to the cognitive dissonance in believing that any kind equality that actually benefits society, comes from the barrel of a gun. The equality he wants to impose however, is none other than equality in destitution for the masses (except for the ruling class his belief caste belongs to).

In Marxism, there is emphasis on equal distribution,” he said, adding that “many Marxist leaders are now capitalists in their thinking”.

‘I Am Marxist’ Says Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama gestures before speaking to students during a talk at Mumbai University February 18, 2011.DANISH SIDDIQUI/REUTERS
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The Dalai Lama identified himself as a Marxist on Tuesday while addressing capitalism, discrimination and violence at a lecture on world peace in Kolkata, India. This is not the first time that the 14th Dalai Lama has spoken about his political leaning – in 2011 he said: “I consider myself a Marxist…but not a Leninist”  when speaking at a conference in Minneapolis.

“We must have a human approach. As far as socioeconomic theory, I am Marxist,”  he said to the audience on Tuesday, at the lecture entitled ‘A Human Approach to World Peace’ which was organized by Presidency University.

The Tibetan spiritual leader partly blamed capitalism for inequality and said he regarded Marxism as the answer: “In capitalist countries, there is an increasing gap between the rich and the poor. In Marxism, there is emphasis on equal distribution,” he said, adding that “many Marxist leaders are now capitalists in their thinking”.

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NOTE: Yet another example of Marxism being nothing more than an opiate of the masses, a secular religion that religionists tag on to, because at the top of the heap, you’ll see their kind, always.

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  1. What amazes me is that with all of his education and development on the spiritual side, he does not recognize Marxism, and by extension Communism, as the true evils they are. Certainly my own education and spiritual development are nowhere near what the DL has achieved, but because of studying history and over 50 years of certain cultivated internal reflection I cannot view Marxism any other way. I don’t mean to imply that the west is without its own sins. But as far as human development goes, it at least represents an attempt for personal freedom. Marxism, like its first cousin islamism, are conclusively and historically journeys to suffering and death at the hand of man. It seems that the DL too is a victim of his culture. Otherwise I should wish to think he would choose differently. Perhaps the idea of a Representative Republic is too foreign for him to accept because of cultural habituation. I do not like having to second guess one so lofty. All in all, he is still a man. And as such is potentially vulnerable to error as, no doubt, I am.

  2. Fool.

    What happened to Tibet at the hands of the Marxist Chinese.

    I guess that does not matter.

    Mega fool.

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