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Islamic intimidation and jihad violence has its way. Dhimmitude.

That is also the price of believing the lie: ”that Islam is basically a moderate belief system like all others, except for a few radicals who are currently subverting the faith for their own purposes, Islam is peaceful as it always has been. But that’s of course a stinking, steaming pile of pure pig crap.

Poll: Nearly half of French oppose Mohammed cartoons

© AFP | The cover of the Wednesday, Janaury 14, edition of Charlie Hebdo featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed

Text by Sam BALL  Latest update : 2015-01-18

Almost half of those in France believe cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed – like those printed by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – should not be published, a poll said Sunday, with a similar number in favour of “limitations” on free speech.

The recent attack by Islamic extremists at the offices of Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 people in apparent revenge for publishing cartoons of Mohammed has led to a fierce defence of France’s freedom of speech laws by politicians, media and millions of French citizens – including at a huge unity march in Paris on January 11.

But an Ifop poll published in France’s Journal du Dimanche (Sunday Journal) paints a much more divided picture of French attitudes towards what is considered a key facet of the country’s republican values.

Conducted last week in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, the poll found that 42 percent of French people oppose the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which are considered blasphemous and highly offensive by many Muslims.

Half of those questioned also said they believed there should be “limitations on free speech online and on social networks”.

However, 57 percent said opposition to the cartoons from Muslims should not stop them from being published.

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  1. Ahhhh, the islamo-nazi softening up of the enemies of islam is almost complete in France eh? The Chinese water torture of dripping taqiyya (purposeful lying to confuse the enemy) is doing its work by the Joseph Goebbels “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” theorem. We have the same problem here in the USA and France is not alone with this issue either. Darkness loves lies. It also abhors the light of truth. Which is why the muslims continue the excessive push back. They are trying to force France to its knees. To submit, one way or the other. Dear France, don’t do it. The road back to freedom, in any form, will entail immense effort, blood, and treasure. Stop them NOW!

    1. People need to both understand and love freedom and liberty, after decades of socialist experiments, they’ve become used to be herded in this and that direction. Lets hope for rejection of the past and resurgence of classical liberalism and national identity (patriotism).

  2. Personally, I think the toons are in bad taste, but NOT because Islam hates them. And that also does NOT mean I think they should be censored or that the rage of Muslim demons is even remotely justified. It occurs to me that the poll may have been designed knowing sentiments of people like myself, so that the results could be used to mislead. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    1. I agree with you, all toons that mock and show disrespect are more than likely in bad taste, but its a thankless job (by most accounts) that needs to be done id we are to retain a free society. I believe that you might have something there however, the way in which the question was phrased might have skewed the poll.

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