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While I applaud Le Pen on Qatar and the Saudis, I condemn her views on appeasing the genocidal maniacs of the Iranian regime.

About Marine Le Pen’s incestuous relationship with Iran:

Le Pen claimed that it is in France’s interest that Iran does not acquire nuclear arms, but Iran should be allowed to further develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes. She seems dangerously unaware, at best, that Iran’s nuclear program is not at all for peaceful purposes. As she mentioned herself, however, Iran possesses the second biggest gas and oil reserves in the world, but she fails to wonder why a country which such an abundance of gas and oil would need nuclear energy for civilian purposes. if Iran were merely developing energy for civilian purposes, it would not need to enrich uranium or plutonium. The Iranians are enriching uranium and plutonium with only one purpose – and it has nothing to do with civilian purposes.

The boycott of Iran, Le Pen said, should stop. French companies should return to Iran and follow the example of Germany and even America, who are eager to play an important role in Iran. The Germans are discreetly positioning themselves in Iran, which, she claims, proves that their international policies are “much smarter than ours.” By that logic, she presumably would have considered countries that enabled the Third Reich by doing business with it in the 1930s “much smarter than ours,” too.

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  1. Is it possible that she’s playing a smart card (like Putin may well be) and deliberately pitting Shias against Sunnis?

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