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Transcript for video: Finnish-Swedish TV Yle 1.19.2014

00:00:00: The Finns party MEP, known for his strict immigration positions, Jussi Halla-aho prepares his party’s election program on immigration policies.

00:00:10: A common thread, and strategic goal is that the amount of non-labor immigration be reduced to a level that Finland will be able to successfully integrate these people,

00:00:23: Jussi Hallo-aho represents the extreme side of the party, he has called for stricter policy on immigration for a long time.

00:00:31: Within the Finnish media, Hallo-aho’s and party chairman, Timo Soini’s, positions on immigration have a wedge driven between them, and have split the party.

00:00:42: – We are not of a different opinion, but I’m not in this case as a qualified and experienced than he [Jussi Halla-aho]. So he and a few others to handle these immigration policies more.

00:00:52: For The Finns party, Sweden is a cautionary example of a poorly managed immigration policy.

00:00:58: – This problem begins to accumulate all the time,

00:01:01: we begin to have neighborhoods that have buildings with only immigrants living in them.

00:01:05: It spreads slowly to the district level and eventually reach the same situation as in Sweden,

00:01:10: where we have in Rosengård, Tenstat and Rinkeby, places to which even the police can not go without tanks.

00:01:16: We don’t want that.

00:01:18: Four years ago, the True Finns in Finland’s achieved the greatest electoral victory in parliamentary elections history,

00:01:24: and increased the number of public support from four to nineteen percent.

00:01:28: Support for the party in recent polls however, have shown that support to be in a downward trend.

00:01:33: Jussi Halla-aho believes that in raising immigration issues, it will take the party to an election victory and into government.

00:01:40: – This kind of view finds understanding in other parties other than just The Finns party.

00:01:45: I believe that we have a good chance of getting a government program that reflects our important views and insights on immigration policy.

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