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He should have been let go ages ago, but this is CNN, a supposed ”news org” whose main subscribers come from hotel chains and airports.

JIM CLANCY ted baxter

Elder gets results! Jim Clancy fired from CNN

“It’s been a great (hic) run.”

The respected CNN anchor who insulted me on Twitter during anepic and bizarre meltdown is now gone. Buh-bye!

From AdWeek:

CNN confirms longtime correspondent Jim Clancy has left the network after nearly 34 years. Clancy made the announcement to colleagues in an email obtained by TVNewser, calling CNN “one of the greatest news organizations in the world” and “a family to my own family.”

The timing of Clancy’s announcement comes just days after the veteran journalist had an extended debate via Twitter over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

In a statement to TVNewser, a CNN spokesperson “Jim Clancy is no longer with CNN. We thank him for more than three decades of distinguished service, and wish him nothing but the best.”

To be honest, I’d have preferred a real apology that indicated that he understood what he was saying and regretted it. And CNN should have issued a statement on how they will ensure that people with such obvious bias are not hired in the future to as journalists.

More here.

NOTE: The Jerusalem Report’s editor, David Horowitz is seen here eating Clancy’s lunch in yet another one of Clancy’s stellar Ted Baxter moments.

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