I like the fact that they’re on Monday evening, the event won’t be buried beneath the weekend news dump.

One of Monday’s scheduled speakers is Jomana Jojo Joy, a self-described “Christian Arab” who says that fundamentalist Muslims forced her out of Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district.
“To suggest that one is racist because you condemn or demonstrate against radical Islam is a straw man argument used by some. Radical Islam, which has been expanding for a long time but has been sharply rising over recent years, is a threat to the West and the values we stand for,” she wrote on Facebook.
Sennels said that his plan is to hold weekly Pegida events on Mondays, as in Dresden. And just like in Dresden and other German cities, Pegida’s Copenhagen event will be met by a counter demonstration.

Danish Pegida organizer: No racists allowed

Published: 14 Jan 2015 17:23 GMT+01:00

The Pegida movement’s incursion north from Germany and into Denmark is a sign that “a lot of completely normal Danish people” are worried about Islamic fundamentalists, the organizer of a Pegida event in Copenhagen told The Local.

The first Danish Pegida event in Denmark will be held on Monday with a march through the streets of Copenhagen.

The event is being organized by Nicolai Sennels, who told The Local on Wednesday that while his group has no official connections with Pegida in Germany, he has been closely watching the protests there.

“We followed the movement for some time [in Germany] to see what sort of movement it is. We read the reports from Germany and German opinion polls and they all came out showing that this was a positive and popular movement with all layers of society coming out,” Sennels said.

Sennels was at one point a political candidate for the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, but he said the Copenhagen march “is not about a political stance or about being on the left or right.”

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  1. Super cool. And Joy Joy’s a hottie. Look at her photos on Google. She’s a lot prettier than our friend Lutz Bachmann.

    Prediction: Joy Joy will soon become the face of Pegida worldwide!

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