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And there are many of who wish he would just keep his stupid pope hole shut.

Pope wish list: Wants to unleash upon us, all of the Islamonazis from GITMO, help facilitate the resurrection of the lifeless corpse of Marxist/Communist Cuba (like what the Israeli Left did to exiled Stinky Arafat), force upon US citizens the emigration policy of other nations who want to hurry up and ”transform America” while Obama is still in office, and sink trillions of dollars into the bogus science of Glo-bull schwarming.

NOTE: And if I hear one more time a Western cleric rail against ”materialism”, that’s done more to raise the standard of living for most of the world’s poor than any religious institution ever did, I’ll vomit in my mouth.

Pope condemns ‘deviant forms of religion’ in the wake of French massacre, accusing them of causing ‘the breakdown of society and spawning violence and death’ 


Referring specifically to the U.S., Francis welcomed the planned closure of the Guantanamo prison and the recent U.S.-Cuba rapprochement that he helped to facilitate.

He called for a change in attitude toward accepting refugees, noting the many unaccompanied Latin American children migrating to the U.S. are ‘are all the more at risk and in need of greater care, attention and protection.’

He said he hoped 2015 would bring progress toward a new climate change agreement, saying in a brief deviation from his text that it was ‘urgent.’

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3 Responses

  1. Catholicism has become the new deviant form of Christianity under this new “I’m more a Socialist than Christian” Pope

  2. The more the Church moves away from the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more it sinks into the quagmire of the social gospel and the more the leftard do-gooders rejoice.

    How wonderful they say! How noble of the Pope to call for social reform etc., etc.!

    So I agree with KGS – the Pope should just shut the heck up, stick to reforming the Vatican, and to purging the Church of paedophiles.

    Its easy to give advice when you don’t have to do an ything about it except comment from the sideline.

  3. And as for the climate change agreement – good luck with that – NOT.

    The whole thing is nothing but a gigantic fraud slowly losing its credibility asa more and more Rip Van Winkles wake up.

    So again Pope Francis, keep out of issues you know nothing about!

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