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Like all art, interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. 

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Here’s my take. That they depicted Mohamed crying could be seen as an attempt to say that Islam doesn’t stand for murdering dissenters, or punning the founder of Islam that he should be sad that these people were murdered in his name. But in a period where there is so much muddying up of the waters on Islam, we need clarity, and adding a tear drop does nothing (IMHO) to honor the people butchered. They should have depicted mohamed as how the jihadis (doing the murdering) would have viewed him.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

Egypt Muslim authority slams new Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon

Cairo (AFP) – Egypt’s state sponsored Islamic authority on Tuesday denounced as a provocation the planned publication of another cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in the new issue of French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

“This action is an unjustified provocation against the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims,” the Dar al-Ifta said in a statement.

“This (magazine) edition will result in a new wave of hatred in French and Western society. What the magazine is doing does not serve co-existence and the cultural dialogue Muslims aspire to,” the statement added.

Dar al-Ifta is headed by the mufti, the government’s official interpreter of Islamic law.

His adviser, Ibrahim Negm, told AFP the institution condemned the bloody attack on the magazine’s offices last week by jihadists, after it published satirical depictions of the Muslim prophet.

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  1. So all that matters is that we don’t cause Muslim ‘feelings’ to be provoked.

    That says it all.

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