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Just wait until the admirers of the desert creed begin to cast their long gaze upon Rowling for her novels glorifying witchcraft. Who knows, maybe she was doing some damage control here. It’s highly doubtful that it’ll work however.

Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh) observes also that: 

JK Rowling’s publisher is Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is in partnership with Qatar Foundation. Qatar foundation is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, a Hamas sympathizer, and part owner of Al Jazeera. Look it up. Seems JK has a pony in this race…


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  1. Okay, I got suckered into reading the “rest of the story” at the rag, The Daily Dot. For all of Rowling’s success, it wouldn’t take long for the sharia operatives to place her square in their crosshairs. She is confused. It seems to come with money and success for many. Her responses might be sarcastic…might be. But I take it she has swallowed the taqiyya (lies to protect islam) hook, line, and sinker for she doesn’t like hearing a truthful statement about the islamo-fascists who wish to destroy the west from Murdoch. Isn’t it interesting how many westerners manage to crumble their morals and brains by the bribery of the barbarians? It is almost as if they never heard of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mohammed, Caliphs, Armenia, or Vienna. $elective memory?

    1. Hi QiPo. Most of these people, like her, (Rowlings) are decent people who believe that the golden rule exists in Islam when it doesn’t. The more aware people are, forced to confront the truth about Islam, the more they will be more likely to understand what we are banging the drum about. But for right now, she’s clueless as you say.

  2. Rowling says that she was born Christian and is not responsible for Murdochs antics.
    Christianity’s holy text holds up a righteous generous healer as a perfect example for man.
    Islam’s holy text holds up a Jew killer, who encouraged rape, a man whose behaviour is vile and disgusting: as a perfect example!

    There is no comparison.

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