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Pretending that they belong while the West cast its gaze elsewhere.

Refusing to acknowledge the reality of what exists in their midst, and with such a reckless regard for the truth, no wonder Muslims have a reason for smiling. The Arabs waging war on Israel have been getting away with it for decades.

Abbas smiles at paris march

Europe has for a long time played the game of being against ”terrorism/extremist radicalism”, and like Obama and other members of the US political, military establishment, refuse to name the enemy. Islam, its fundamental doctrine of jihad and those who refuse to condemn it.

They know it’s there, no one can be that completely sheltered from the amount of information easily accessible on the internet (on what Islam truly represents) and periodically, and with increasing regularity, it erupts on our very own streets with devastating affect to help remind us.

Just look at the picture of Abbas marching arm in arm with the rest of these political leaders, it’s more symbolic than most standing there would ever care to admit.

The Islamic fundamentalist in their midst (Islam 101’er), pretending to belong to the same norms and values as the rest of them, but yet, in an amazing moment of the camera shutter, he can’t help but show us why he shouldn’t be there. The failure to recognize that reality by most of these same leaders who participated in the event, is symbolically seen in the same picture as well. They’re all casting a gaze elsewhere, oblivious to the terrorist in their midst.

NOTE; A TT source says: 

Well Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was there too. The man who is the planner and the founder of ISIL. He is smiling widely behind European leaders, if you look carefully. He was laughing behind Merkel in some moment, he is the founder of ISIL (Islamic State), he promotes ISIL and Boko Haram. In 2014, he avoided calling  ISIL a terror organization, Ahmet Davutoglu is a very dangerous radical person, he’s more radical than Erdogan. You might think Erdogan is the most radical person, but some people in Erdogan’s government are even more crazier than Erdogan, who slows them down in most cases.

2 Responses

  1. It doesn’t matter what your views are, what your politics or ideologies are, you are basing arguments on a single picture picked out to show someone smiling and drawing conclusions based on falsehood.
    I can show you pictures of others that may have smiled for one second but it means nothing and you know this very well.
    This dishonest article has no factual basis except for comical reasoning drawn from a meaningless photo to suit your agenda.
    Your shameful lack of integrity makes me shake my head.
    Good day. .

    1. It captures the mindset of the terrorist, and the idiots who let him join their march supposedly against terrorism. Shake your head all you want.

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