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Who now even remembers what Michele Obama even hashtagged about?

Being in solidarity with the slain staff of the Charlie Hedbo staff is all about the enlightenment, about the future of our western civilization as we know it. The chattering classes of mediocrity haven’t a clue about any of this, they’re much to busy being the first on twitter to come up with a clever (sophomoric) hashtag in order to capitalize on the gross outrage in France that unfolded before our very eyes.

Almost immediately following the butchery at Charlie Hebdo, the “Je Suis Charlie” sentiment rang out. And while lovely, will those who tweet in solidarity under its hashtag, or attend candlelight vigils, take it a step further and do what is truly necessary to honor those fallen?

Je SUis Charlie Sign

Moral Equivalence Cannot Live Side by Side With ‘Charlie’

by Tiffany Gabbay

My father was a wise man. Of all his pearls of wisdom, there is one in particular I’ve taken to heart perhaps more than any other: “Don’t offer your opinion on topics which you know nothing about.” It is a philosophy that I have strived to live by. And it is why I am so often and deeply troubled by the parade of self-appointed “experts” speaking with an air of authority on Islam, what it means, and how the West should feel about it in the wake of terrorism.

The world watched in horror as the Charlie Hebdo massacre unfolded. Like all people of goodwill, I am incensed by this tragic loss of life. By the fact that this scenario keeps repeating itself. But I am incensed even more by the equally tragic, indeed reckless responses from too many of our opinion-makers.

I could provide names of specific authors and pundits from various outlets who’ve come out to declare themselves “#JeSuisCharlie” while simultaneously peddling “thoughtful” and “important” commentary on why Islam is not to blame for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and why Christian and Jewish “extremists” are equally repugnant, but the list is long and their sophomoric platitudes (I’m looking at you, Kristof) so predictably identical that their transgressions may as well be tackled as one collective landfill of intellectual dishonesty.

2 Responses

  1. Yes. I pondered the very same thing.

    Straight after this shocking criminal act of bastardry we are all Charlie.

    But what about the day before – were we all Charlie then? No we were not!

    Had we been all Charlie before this, Charlie’s journalists would still be alive today.

    1. The problem as I see it Raymond, we are living in an age of post-Enlightenment, our political leaders for the most part have turned their backs on it, in favor of Plato’s republic. It’s not illogical from their POV to behave in the way they are behaving. It’s sad, frustrating, but that’s the case as I see it.

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