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Sometime this century the French can say goodbye to porc forever as well!

But just think of all the kebab stands that resulted from the grand (epic fail) experiment that will dot the land, what a trade off!

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France’s Multiculturalist Agenda Makes Jews Pack Their Bags

As more French Jews face anti-Semitic attacks, many are leaving for Israel. Most of the attacks have come from Muslims, whether immigrants or French-born, many of whom have not assimilated into French society – if not rejecting French society entirely. Compounding the dangerous situation, France’s left-wing government refuses to acknowledge the scope of this crisis, apparently more afraid of losing Muslim votes they depend on than in defending France’s half-million Jews.

Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption is expecting “Little Paris” neighborhoods to pop up all over Tel Aviv, Netanya, and Jerusalem. According to the Jewish Agency, French Jews have become the number-one immigrant group to Israel. In 2014, more than 7,000 French Jews emigrated, twice the number from 2013. Israeli Minister of Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver said she expects about 10,000 new French immigrants next year.

That’s an astounding 20,000 French Jews moving to Israel, or four percent of that community emigrating in just three years.

Further, a poll conducted the Paris-based Siona organization of Sephardic French Jews found that 74 percent of the 3,833 respondents are considering leaving France.

It’s more accurate to say that French Jews are fleeing France rather than just moving to Israel. The failure of multiculturalism and the inability of many Muslim immigrants to assimilate into French society have promoted intolerance of Jews.

More here. h/t: David Berman

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  1. The leftist-encouraged Islamic persecution of Jews in France is going to make Israel much stronger. French Jews are highly educated, and bring with them significant investment resources. Palestinians (so-called) are headed out, to Europe and the US, whilst Jews are coming in, from France, the Ukraine, the US and elsewhere. As we know, demographics is destiny, and demographic trends increasingly favor Israel.

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