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 Islamization is not a conspiracy theory, but a real phenomenon.

Bat Ye’or was derided for being a conspiracy theorist for her book on Eurabia, but unless you walk the walk and talk the talk that’s accepted within that institution ( which panders to the Muslim street) you will not get anywhere in the EU. So it’s not a conspiracy. And increasingly, as the Muslim demographic in Europe expands, domestic politics begins to take shape according to their wants and desires, meaning, an end to a free and liberal democratic society.

Finn shocked in Brussels: “There are fears of Muslim reaction”

Kuva: Euroopan parlamentti


Former MEP Eija-Riitta Korhola (National Coalition Party.) Is concerned about European freedom of speech, but most of all Europeans’ courage to defend basic human values.

She writes about the terrorist attack in Paris, referring to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, concerning a resolution in which negotiations were being led in the European Parliament. According to Korhola blasphemy laws often lead to unjustifiable death sentences in Pakistan.

– I recoiled during negotiations when I listened to Labour-British colleague, who insisted on softening the resolution and finally pulled his name out of it. He said he feared a Muslim anti-campaign in his hometown during elections, Mrs Korhola write in a blog.

– That was shocking. Therefore, one doesn’t dare react any more to deadly human rights violations, out of fear of Muslim reactions. Therefore, I very much hope that the incident gives rise to a movement dedicated to human rights and freedom of expression as an inalienable elements. The world needs such movements.

Korhola says that what’s a stake is not so much about satire and freedom of speech, but of fundamental rights.

– The right to satire, of course, is an important western value, but the right to a normal life is a basic human value. If we do not dare to react to the fact that in the name of blasphemy death sentences are raining around the world in the name of raining, then the situation is bad, Korhola says.

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