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The irony of beating someone to a pulp for his opinions lost on the thugs.

Swedish provocative artist beaten in Nørrebro

Police confirm that they have received a notification of assault on Dan Park

The Swedish provocative artist Dan Park was New Year’s Day assaulted by six men on Jagtvej in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, he wrote on his facebook profile.

Here the artist put a picture of his battered face up with the following text:

“The new year started very well, was attacked by six pieces masked” antifacister “on Jagtvej, Nørrebro in Copenhagen. All in Denmark seems clearly not about my art, “he writes.

MARK. The Swedish artist Dan Park has put this photo of what he looked like after the nightly assault on his facebook profile.Private Photo.At the Copenhagen Police confirm vagtchef Michael Andersen to Politiken that they have received a notification on the attack from him.

“The matter is on Station Bellahøj, and I can not tell you the details. It can be aggravating if the assault happened because of his drawings, but I do not know about the case. It takes investigators out over the next few days. “

Dan Park: They shouted “fucking Nazi ‘

TV 2 has been in contact with Dan Park, who says he New Year’s Day around 10 o’clock stood outside the 7-Eleven near the old youth on Jagtvej while his girlfriend bought cigarettes within.

“Suddenly I was attacked with several kicks and shouts before they ran away,” he said to TV 2nd

Although he saw them not, but his friend told him that it was six masked individuals who were behind, he told TV 2. They reportedly shouted “fucking Nazi ‘to him.

Although he believes that the attack is politically motivated:

“I think it’s because of my art. Have I not been part of the media, “he said to the television station.

More here in Danish H/T: Fjordman

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