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Keep them off until Cologne gets new Christian leadership that actually stand for something other than capitulation to Islamic hegemony.

NOTE: Many of us have asked why is it that the Western churches have failed to rally around their persecuted co-religionists in the Middle East, now you know why, it’s because they’re pathetic.

Cologne cathedral will go dark in protest at anti-Islam march

Church authorities show their dismay at growing movement, as politicians call for faster deporting of failed asylum seekers

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral Photo: Rex Features

The floodlights of Cologne cathedral will be switched off as a counter-protest against a planned anti-immigrant march, due to take place in the city on Monday night.

Thousands of marchers, coordinated by a new far-Right protest movement, have demonstrated in Dresden in recent weeks against what they say is the “Islamisation” of the country by Muslim immigrants.

The announcement came as Angela Merkel’s Bavarian coalition partners urged a radical overhaul of Germany’s asylum system, including the swift deportation of those turned down for refugee status.

Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union, which is also a member of Mrs Merkel’s federal coalition, has proposed a new fast-track asylum process, based on the system used in Switzerland, in which “simple” cases would be decided in just six weeks. A senior CSU figure, Joachim Hermann, the Bavarian interior minister, has called for those whose applications are rejected to be deported.

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  1. Apparently, this church has gone dark long ago. It will take a great deal more than electricity to brighten such a degree of ignorance about the Islamic persecution of non-believers. Should they bother to investigate this deadly history they would realize that they will find no shelter in a darkened church/cathedral from jihad.

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