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The excellent site: The Sweden Report has the details:

(Dec 25.2014) A few hours ago a mosque was set on fire in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna. Who committed the arson is unclear at this time. What we do know is that the congregation supposedly belongs to the Dawa-movement, which is actively recruiting for ISIS.


UPDATE 2: lead investigator Franzell has now gone on the record with state-owned radio SR to fully retract his statement yesterday that the fire was the work of an arsonist.

So… What it increasingly looks like is this: Someone in the muslim congregation starts a kitchen fire, as it gets worse someone panics and smashes a window, which makes the fire accelerate. When the fire department arrives someone makes up a story about a phantom arsonist and then refuses to fess up when it gets real.

Meanwhile, the lead investigator, now blaming “chaos on the scene,” took this totally unsubstantiated story before having secured one shred of hard evidence and announced to the world that some arsonist was throwing molotov cocktails.

Then the Swedish mainstream media and opportunistic politicians took this one step further and immediately started howling about “islamophobia”, interviewing muslim community leaders who of course pounces on the opportunity to wail about persecution, and even a government minister shrieking hysterically about “hate crimes”.

UPDATE 3: The police has yet to release a final verdict on the cause of the fire, but it is becoming increasingly certain it was NOT a molotov cocktail.

News site Fria Tider interviewed lead investigator Franzell. His team spent yesterday fine-combing the place with dogs specially trained to sniff out flammable materials and accelerants used in fire bombs; they came up empty handed.

More here. H/T: BOL

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