A real true hero in every sense of the word.


“He took the first steps to coordinate the trip, though, when he witnessed blatantly anti-Israel demonstrations on the campus of Harvard University, where he is a full-time student.

“This past summer I was there studying,” he said. “At the same time, I saw the anti-Israeli protest in the face of the attempted indiscriminate bombardment of Israel. It was then that I decided I needed to find a way to go help however I can and however [Israel] would have me.”

Mast explained that Israel and the U.S. must be on the same side as both nations face very similar foes.”

Exclusive: Meet The Double Amputee Army Vet Who’s Leaving To Fight For Israel

“The biggest threat against America, I believe, is also the biggest threat against Israel,”

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Retired Army SSG Brian Mast served his nation for 12 years and was a member of the Joint Special Operations Command fighting in Afghanistan when his career was cut short by a catastrophic injury. Despite losing both legs, Mast lost neither his guiding values nor his warrior spirit.

While he expressed regret that he can no longer serve as a soldier in the same capacity that he once did, he has not abandoned his desire to fight for what he believes are just causes. In a recent interview with Western Journalism, Mast explained that he will be traveling to Israel on Jan. 10 to fight alongside Israeli Defense Forces soldiers as a Sar-El volunteer. He noted that his motivation for making the arduous journey is complex and deeply rooted.

“I think it can be hard to say how we initially find in our lives the causes we make important to ourselves,” he said. “Having lived in South Florida where there is a large Jewish population, having met IDF soldiers in my military travels throughout my years in service, and having grown up in a Christian home where it was always proudly touted by my parents what great allies the U.S. and Israel have been, and simply making myself aware of current and modern historical events all played a role in me wanting to find a meaningful way to show my own support for Israel in a time when so many are forgetting that you are our true friend in the region, that you are in defense of attack and not the aggressor.”

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