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And yes, attacked, not just vandalized, the intent was to create fear, not just annoy.

These days such occurrences are becoming common place, third or fourth page news stories. Thanks to mass immigration of anti-semitic Muslims and the rise of racist socialists (neo-Fascists and traditional Left) the Jews once again find themselves in the cross hairs.

London Jewish Neighborhood Vandalized With Swastikas

Swastika vandalism (illustrative)

For the third time in December, north London Jewish neighborhood Stoke Newington was vandalized with swastika graffiti.

By Cynthia Blank

First Publish: 1/1/2015, 10:34 AM

A Jewish community in north London was attacked with anti-Semitic vandalism Sunday night.

Swastikas were scrawled on approximately 27 cars in the Osbaldeston Road area of Stoke Newington as well as nearby building, The Daily Mail reported.

The neighborhood is home to around 20,000 hareidi Orthodox Jews.

“There is a large Jewish community that lives here with Holocaust survivors and children of Holocaust survivors, and to see swastikas is not a pleasant thing for them,” said Meir Taub, a volunteer for Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim.

“People were shocked, scared and fearful.”

The incident comes a little over a week after a primary school and a private home in the same neighborhood were also defaced with the Nazi symbol.

The swastikas on the Jubilee Primary School and the private house in Stoke Newington were found on December 18. Swastikas found at the school, which is not Jewish, were drawn on the school’s entrance and message board.

In response, Shomrim announced it was increasing its patrols in the neighborhood from twice a day to five times.

Police are investigating both incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism. An unnamed 32-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for involvement in the latter attack.

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