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Al-Bore seen stuffing his face again…….

My biggest contention with the global warming/climate change believers, is that they insist that the ”science” supporting their views is indisputable, in spite of all the disputable studies, papers and empirical evidence to the contrary.

Just imagine if a team of heart surgeons/researchers claimed that studies/findings of theirs are the only ones that the medical community are allowed to follow concerning the use of a certain widely used medicine and/or product, in that it’s detrimental to the function of the heart, in spite of studies and findings that speak to the contrary, and then demonize those who refuse to play along.

If You Lose Weight, You’re Destroying the Planet


In 2011, a study claimed that losing weight could help save the planet from the Flying Global Warming Monster.

Being overweight is bad for the environment as well as your health, according to a study released today.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that overweight people were likely to be more responsible for carbon emissions than slim people because they consume more food and fuel.

We estimated that a 10 kg weight loss of all obese and overweight people would result in a decrease of 49.560 Mt of CO(2) per year, which would equal to 0.2% of the CO(2) emitted globally in 2007. This reduction could help meet the CO(2) emission reduction targets and unquestionably would be of a great benefit to the global health.

Science spoke. And only a bunch of ignorant mouth-breathing troglodytes who don’t follow Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter would dare to disagree.

But no wait. Apparently losing weight does cause Global Warming.

Despite a worldwide obsession with diets and fitness regimes, many health professionals cannot correctly answer the question of where body fat goes when people lose weight, a new study shows. The most common misconception among doctors, dieticians and personal trainers is that the missing mass has been converted into energy or heat. The correct answer is that most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide and goes into thin air.

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  1. REALLY? This ‘article’ smacks of the utter desperation of CC deniers…
    ANY contentious bullshit will do for these delusional clots.

  2. Climate change is natural. The last change is that it stopped warming.

    An analysis at derives a physics-based equation which calculates results consistent with measured average global temperatures.
    1. A reference there provides historical evidence that CO2 change does not cause climate change.
    2. The two factors that do correlate with climate change are identified. The correlation is 95% with average global temperatures since before 1900; including the current plateau. The analysis also predicts the ongoing down trend of average global temperature.
    3. An explanation of why any credible CO2 change does not cause significant climate change.

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