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This is in regards to Michelle Obama using race baiting to shine up her street cred with the others in the ”hate whitey” club.

Then black bisexual Park Slope social justice writer for the New York Times, Charles Blow stopped by to tell CNN that he’s always being asked to get stuff down from high shelves because old ladies are notoriously racist against bisexual black men from Park Slope.

“I’m 6’2″ so I’m always doing that,” Blow said recounting a story where he was asked to grab some crackers off a shelf by a “little old lady.”

Black Racists Who Don’t Work for a Living Hate Being Asked for Help


Hardly a week passes by without an elderly lady asking me to hand them down something from a shelf. Most of the women doing the asking are Asian. Some are Hispanic. The last one was African-American.

They aren’t asking me for help because I’m white. They’re asking me for help because I’m 6’2.

Being asked for help is an insult to

1. The lazy

2. The rude

3. Thin-skinned paranoid racists

So we had Michelle Obama pop up to complain that she got asked for help in a department store, even though her original version of the story made it clear that she was asked because she was tall. And apparently Obama gets mistaken for a valet everywhere he goes. I’m not sure why.

Valets work for a living.

More here.

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