Hamas Kassams War Against Israel War Crimes


Hamas: Three cheers, we’re no longer deemed terrorists so we can do whatever we want thanks to our dhimmi Christian boot kissers.

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And with deep thanks and humility for the Euros removing Hamas from the terrorism blacklist, Hamas dutifully launches another war crimes rocket into Israel…….

Gaza rocket explodes in southern Israel, no injuries

gaza rocket

Rocket fragment found by security forces in an open field, December 19,2014. (photo credit:Courtesy)

A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip exploded in open territory near the Eshkol Regional Council on Friday around noon, the IDF confirmed.

The ‘red alert’ rocket siren was sounded in southern Israeli communities in the area, and residents reported of hearing explosions.

No injuries or damage were reported. During searches, security forces located fragments of the remains of the projectile in an open field.

The rocket landing marks the third such attack since the end of the summer conflict with Hamas.

The latest Gaza rocket landing in Israel came days after a European Union court ruled to remove Hamas from the EU’s terror list.

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