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More ”lone wolf” mutterings.

We have to be careful in using that terminology, it represents only a tactic by al-Qaida in a strategy in the pursuit of their overall goals. They might be ”lone wolves” but only in the context of not having been handed the specific target at a specific moment by a superior or cell group. They’ve been handed a general order by Islamonazis for some time now to carry out random attacks to instill fear.

NOTE: Vlad has a similar take here, but the focus is on the journalists’ giddy usage of the term which of course forms a part of al-Qaida’s overall strategy, to keep the public off balance and fearful, while the ”lone wolf” media meme shields the local Muslim community from suspicion, in fact, can lay claim to ‘victimhood’ at the drop of a hat.

Austrian prosecutors fear jihadist reprisals

Austrian prosecutors fear jihadist reprisals

Photo: APA (epa)

Published: 18 Dec 2014 18:42 GMT+01:00

According to the daily Austrian newspaper Kurier, the government officials fear revenge attacks as a result of the arrests they ordered of several suspects, including the Bosnian self-style imam known as Abu Tejma.

As a result of these concerns, they have requested anonymity in public reporting of proceedings.

The newspaper also reported that the Association of Prosecutors held a meeting on Monday, during which they appealed to Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter, of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), to keep quiet all names of prosecutors associated with similar cases.

The association chairman Gerhard Jarosch said that their fear was not directly caused by any known Islamist organizations, but rather from lone wolf individuals who may act in sympathy with their co-religionists.

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