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Because the initial statement of the need for ”moderate Islam” was comprised of pure helium. There is no such animal in existence.

There are some Muslims who avoid major portions of their holy texts, because, having been influenced by non-Muslim neighbors they’ve taken a dim view of much of their own texts, but that doesn’t negate these horrific Islamic passages and their traditions that stem from it.

Egyptian President Sisi “Has Not Done a Single Thing” About Radicalism

Coptic Solidarity

To many Egyptians fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most appealing aspects of President Sisi has been his outspokenness concerning the need for a more modern, moderate Islam.  Yet what has he done to realize this goal since becoming president?  “Absolutely nothing,” says one prominent Egyptian journalist, Ibrahim Eissa.  Speaking recently on his TV show, Eissa said:

What is the position of the Egyptian government concerning religious radicalization among the religious parties?  And now I specifically refer to the position of President Sisi concerning this matter.  Five months have passed since he became president, after his amazing showing at elections.  Okay.  The president has, more than once, indicated the need for a renewal of religious discourse…  But he has not done a single thing, President Sisi, to renew religious discourse.  Nothing at all.

If anything, it appears the Sisi government has done the reverse, for instance, allowing Salfis to return to the podium.

Raymond Ibrahim

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