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Yeah, that’s what we need, Hillary on the bench for life.

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Clinton Press Secretary Thinks Hillary Should Be a Supreme Court Justice

remember this guy?

The only question is why stop there? Can’t we just appointed a politician, whose only qualification for every job she has gotten in the last two decades has been her last name, Supreme Overlord of the Universe?

Mike McCurry, Bill Clinton’s press secretary and a guy you happily forgot even existed until now, returns with a proposal so insane that even Obama might shake his head.

What if a vacancy now appeared on our nation’s highest court? Given the bitterness and polarization that exists in Washington today, it is hard to imagine any nominee offered by Barack Obama having a less than tumultuous path to confirmation.

With one exception: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yes if there’s anyone Republicans can get behind in these polarized times, it’s Ms. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. But what Republican would be opposed to either

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