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In reflection upon the salient words uttered by Israeli journalist, newspaper editor, and writer, Caroline Glick, in response to the nonsensical mumblings by Denmark’s ambassador, Jesper Vahr, who stated that Europe should apply a double-standard (higher standard) towards Israel, Caroline mentions Denmark’s real violation of international law, which Finland has done as well, and on repeated occasions.

Click here to read UNSC resolution 1373 (chapter 7)

And the latest proof:

18.7.2014 10.51

Humanitarian aid from Finland to help the Palestinians

By decision of Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has granted 500,000 euros to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) for relief work in Gaza and 350,000 euros to Finn Church Aid for relief work. “Humanitarian aid helps Palestinians who have lost their homes or fled their homes in fear of air strikes; they live in extremely difficult conditions and need urgent emergency relief. As the conflict is escalating, the need for aid is critical and its delivery must be ensured,” Minister Haavisto states.and’s development cooperation.

unsc resolution 1373

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  1. When church and UNRWA money is spent without transparency, and within a regime ruled by terrorists, it is de facto used in part to pay off the terror bosses–i.e. as protection money. This is how the EU and the UN fund terror.

    1. How right you are Chanah, well said, no need to add anything further.

  2. Not one penny, not one red cent should go to the despicable, murderous swine from Hamas or Fatah.

    Stop the terror! Stop financing it!

    1. Exactly that Sheik (pbuy), but who listens to little ol’ me ?

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