Anti-Israel bigotry and bias BDS


Brian of London forwards Aussie Dave’s story at Israellycool:

Photo of The Day: Ryan Bursts The BDSholes’ Bubble

When a bunch of BDSholes got into the festive spirit the only way they know how – by demonizing Israel and demanding the boycott of Sodastream, the employer of hundreds of palestinians – Israellycool‘s very own Ryan knew what he had to do.

ryan sodastream

We walked into the store where some asshats were standing in front of the Sodastream display singing carols with the words changed to demonize Israel. The manager was asking them nicely to leave. I went and got a bottle of syrup and had to push past some of them, so I called the police. They finally went outside, then went across the parking lot where they continued harassing shoppers. I walked over to their group, carrying the Sodastream syrup. As I walked up, one woman shied away as if I was going to hit her. I smiled, and turned my back on them. My buddy snapped a picture and I laughed as they started realising what I just did and started saying stupid things. We told the manager that we supported their store and that more people would be coming to buy Sodastream – that the clowns were just trying to intimidate them.

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