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Islamic State release drone video of Kobane

Video posted online by Islamic State shows Kobane from the air filmed by a drone camera

Islamic State in the Levant jihadists have published footage apparently taken by drones in a stylised propaganda video that portrays the war in Syria as a modern day computer game.

The footage from a drone camera gives a bird’s-eye view of the Kurdish half of Kobane, the scene of a battle that has become a test of the efficacy of the US-led air campaign to defeat Isil.

On the wide sweeping shot of the town, the jihadists tag the locations of three of its suicide attacks against Kurdish and rebel Free Syrian Army ground troops.

Using a graphic to zero in on the street or building, the jihadists then inset in the aerial view a box playing footage of the suicide bombing that took place at that location.

“It video imitates the graphics on Call of Duty or other video games,” said Eliot Higgins, a Syria expert who specialises in identifying weaponry and military tactics used by parties in the war.

“A lot of these jihadists are from Western countries. They all have an Xbox. This is how they view conflict.”

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