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Honor murders are intrinsically linked with Islam, which takes the worst of which humanity has to offer, creating either a time honored tradition out of it and/or codifying it into religious law.

honor killings

Pakistani family slaughtered in honor killing

Pakistani police are looking for four men believed to killed a couple and their four children as retribution for a perceived “honor crime.”

Police officer Mohammed Aslam said Wednesday that the killings happened Tuesday in the town of Athara Hazari in central Pakistan.

Aslam said the men are believed to have hacked the family to death with axes and knives. One daughter survived and relayed what happened to authorities.

Aslam said the survivor told authorities the killings stemmed from the mother’s first marriage nearly 30 years ago to another man.

The surviving daughter told authorities that a son from her mother’s first marriage, along with three more men, attacked the family, saying they were taking revenge on her for leaving her first husband.

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  1. The frequency of these barbaric acts dilutes the full horror they should invoke. I’m no longer surprised human beings can sink to such depths of depravity. Even more appalling is the lack of will to decisively stamp out and severely punish such behaviour The governments giving tacit or open approval to the violent mindset behind such acts is more evil for tolerating and encouraging it. If their own governments or societies refuse to address the issues, perhaps more civilized parts of the world should act and ban all citizens from so called honour cultures from entry, to force their governments to take effective action and eliminate the ignorant culturally violent mindset behind these acts.

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