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There are indeed hierarchies in cultures.

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Earlier today (9.12.2014) I posted Dutch politician, and leader of the PVV party, Geert Wilder’s, response to the Dutch state prosecutor’s office concerning his statements while addressing a crowd of supporters that, ”the PVV wants to see less Moroccans in the Netherlands”.

My good buddy and expert on Islam and Islamic anti-Semitism, Andy Bostom, forwarded me a few paragraphs concerning Moroccans, penned by a man who spent considerable time with them (9 years) over the course of three decades. It’s obvious that Muslim Moroccans have a ”Jew problem”, and with any significant collection of Moroccans, you’re going to see their ”grievances” and classic foundational Islamic bigotries manifested exponentially.

”From, “Wit and Wisdom in Morocco”, by Edward Westermarck, 1931, who spent 9-years among the Arabs of North Africa over the course of three decades:

  • Pg.129: “Contact with Christians is polluting”…”What will happen to the CHristians (and Jews) in the other world is indicated in the following ditty, which I have heard chanted by boys in the neighborhood of Tangier: ‘The Jews on a spit, and the Christians on a fish-hook, and the Muslims on a flower'”
  • pg 130: “The Jews are a cursed people, exceedingly unclean and polluting and not to be trusted”
  • pg. 225: “Rob Christians and Jews and leave the neighbors as witnesses”

NOTE: Andy then delivers the coupe de grace with this note from a from Moroccan Jew, and Islamic scholar, Raphi Israeli–From: Raphael Israeli

Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 9:22 AM
To: Andrew Bostom
Subject: RE: Moroccan Attitudes Toward Christians and Jews: Statement of Geert Wilders MP during his interrogation by the Dutch State Police

Thanks Andy. IN my time most of the rage was directed against Jews. Now that they have left, the anger is diverted against Christians, for the second time. Previously, after the Romans and then the Visigoths were cleansed from Morocco, all discrimination and pressure to convert was centered on the Jews. I am glad it is changing and I commend Geert for his bravery (which costs him politically!)

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