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All thanks to the anti-Swedish policies of the mainstream parties, who, instead of re-evaluating their own parties in light of all the damage they have done, have doubled hard on their efforts to make Swedes a dangered species in their own country. Those who speak out against their country being so radically changed, are then smeared as being racists and fascists.

NOTE: If Swedish mainstream parties, of which the SD are now in par with, continue on ahead as before, promoting all other cultures except their own, the SD will be going from victory to victory. And why shouldn’t they, their policies are just mirroring the average Swede’s opinions.

Support for nationalists swells in Sweden

Support for nationalists swells in Sweden

Fans of Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson. Photo:TT

Published: 08 Dec 2014 08:10 GMT+01:00

The poll suggested that if there had been an election last week, almost 18 percent of voters would have selected the nationalist party, compared with 13 percent who chose to vote for them at the last general election.

Support for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s party dipped slightly, with 29.6 percent of people saying they would vote for the Social Democrats, compared with 31.1 percent in September.

The study also suggested that all of the centre-right parties are experiencing a small drop in voter support.

“It is clear that the Sweden Democrats could benefit from an early election,” said Stina Morian from YouGov in a statement.

She added that the latest survey came at a time when the nationalists had had a huge amount of media exposure, with many opportunities to talk about their key issues unchallenged.

But she said the poll nevertheless indicated that the party could continue to increase its support ahead of Sweden’s snap election in March 2015.

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