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sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

And to show you the gross hypocrisy of that statement, this man, and his fellow political colleagues from the various mainline parties in Sweden, routinely insist that Israel will have to eventually sit down with Hamas representatives to ”work things out”. The Swedish political (self anointed) elite refuse to sit down with a pluralistic democratic party, but insists that Israel negotiate with genocidal murderers.

NOTE: What he’s also saying is, the more than 800 000 Swedes who voted for the SD, are ”Nazi lovers”. What a pathetic jerk.

‘No home for Swe Dems on centre-right’: Reinfeldt

'No home for Swe Dems on centre-right': Reinfeldt

File photo: TT

Published: 07 Dec 2014 12:33 GMT+01:00

Former Prime Minister and outgoing Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt has once again ruled out any cooperation the Sweden Democrats, stating that Sweden has plenty of space for more refugees.

In an interview with the Danish Politiken daily, Reinfeldt once again categorically rejected any active cooperation with the Sweden Democrats.

“There is no place for the Sweden Democrats on the ‘borgerlig’ (liberal/conservative) side of Swedish politics,” he said.

Reinfeldt furthermore rejected the notion that Sweden offers a safe haven for more refugees than the country can cope with, saying that there is plenty of room in the Nordic countries for more human beings fleeing oppression and war.

“What does the word “enough” mean? Sweden is full? The Nordic region is full? Are we too many people? We are 25 million people living in the North. I often fly over the Swedish countryside and I would advise others to do. There are endless fields and forests. There’s more space than you might imagine. Those who claim that the country is full, they should demonstrate where it is full.”

Reinfeldt resigned his post as party leader and conceded power to the red-greens on election night and since then he has been largely absent from the political scene during what has become a turbulent autumn.

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