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It all depends upon how gullible the Swedish voter is.

But don’t be fooled, after tacking towards a tougher stance on mass immigration, then after the elections, they’ll quietly return to the status quo as if they never had uttered a single word about it.

NOTE: Remember, these are not people of principle, but political hacks, whose own welfare and that of the party’s is of more importance than the state itself.

Political veterans push for immigration debate

Political veterans push for immigration debate

Former Centre Party politician Staffan Danielsson co-wrote the debate article. Photo: TT

Published: 05 Dec 2014 14:57 GMT+01:00

Writing in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, four politicians from Sweden’s conservative Christian Democrat and Centre parties said that while the Sweden Democrats were wrong to call for immigration to be cut by up to 90 percent in Sweden, the country’s immigration and integration strategies deserved a more openly critical discussion.

Currently none of Sweden’s centre-right or centre-left parties are against the country’s liberal immigration laws, which have resulted in the country taking in more refugees per capita than any other nation in the EU.

All of the mainstream parties have so far refused to enter into immigration discussions with the Sweden Democrats – a group with Nazi roots that has sought to establish itself as a populist party and scored almost 13 percent of the vote in September’s general election. It is now the third largest political group in parliament.

“To categorically ignore the Sweden Democrats’ presence in parliament is to give them a populist free ticket instead of fighting their xenophobia,” the former politicians wrote in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Friday. “We believe that the parties should be able to converse with the Sweden Democrats.”

The ex-parliamentarians argued that the nation’s other political parties needed to start a discussion on “a responsible policy on refugees”.

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  1. After years of immigrant disaster it looks like theSwedes will vote out their disastrous PC pervert politicians!

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