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Moral vacancy left by feckless politicians

It would be great for the German government to do the responsible thing and secure its state from occupation of colonialist Muslims, renounce and reject multiculturalism in full, champion integration and assimilation, while encouraging (non-Muslim) immigrants to take pride in their ethnic background and celebrate it within their own lives.

NOTE: I’m not quite certain about the make up and true intentions of the group in question, there’s a lot of labels and innuendos being thrown at them presently by the official (fake) media. I have to do my own independent research on what’s what with them before I draw any conclusions.

One things for sure though, any of us who say that they’re anti-Islamization, is already a target for the same smears of ”fascist” and bigot”, let alone the disingenuous term of ”islamofauxbe”.

‘Anti-fascist’ and ‘anti-immigration’ groups face off in Dresden

Anti-immigration protesters. Screen grab from a video by Filmproduktionen.

For the past seven weeks, activists protesting Germany’s immigration policy and the spread of Islam in the West have been marching each Monday in Dresden, a city in eastern Germany. In response, counter-protests have been organised to denounce rampant xenophobia. As tensions between the two groups increase, the situation is quickly heading towards a face-off. Read more…

Only about a hundred participants came to the first protest organised seven weeks ago by the group calling itself “European Patriots against the Islamisation of the West” (or PEGIDA). Since then, the movement has quickly gained momentum, with an estimated 7,000 people attending the protest held on Monday. However, the opposition to these far right gatherings has also been gaining in numbers. On the same day, 1,200 people, most of them left-wing activists, joined a counter-protest.

More here.

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