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Gee, how do you you turn around a neo-Nazi, by school, sport and Mein Kampf?

Denmark’s jihadist rehab: school, sport and Islam

Denmark's jihadist rehab: school, sport and Islam

Gellerupparken in Aarhus is one of Denmark’s poorest neighbourhoods and is only a short walk from the controversial Grimhøj mosque. Photo: Bjorn Lindgren/AFP/Scanpix

Published: 03 Dec 2014 08:48 GMT+01:00

How do you turn around a young man who is determined to destroy the West? In Aarhus, you take him to a cafe or a public library and talk about football.

This is the softly-softly approach of Mads, a mentor in an innovative programme to deradicalise young Muslim men who might otherwise turn to violence.

“The guy I’m working with now really wanted to go to Syria,” said Mads, who is in his early 30s but asked not to be identified any further for fear of compromising his work.

“My aim is not to disconnect the religion, because I think it’s fine that he’s religious. But it’s about obtaining a balance,” he added.

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