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I’m still waiting this one out.

We need leaders for our times, but we have to have the right leaders. If Le Pen and her party prove themselves not to be opportunists who will say whatever to get elected, then my opinions of the FN will eventually change. Cozying up to Iran, going so far as to say ”embrace it”, does nothing for me in the way of confidence.

NOTE: I caution people in the Counterjihad from rallying behind her too soon, and this is by no means a de fault vote of confidence of the ruling elite, who are as bad, or even worse than Le Pen.

Le Pen accuses rivals over French jihadists

Le Pen accuses rivals over French jihadists

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was re-elected as leader of the National Front at the weekend. Photo: AFP

Published: 01 Dec 2014 08:20 GMT+01:00

“We lament that youths go to jihad, wondering what went wrong. Everything, everything, (Nicolas) Sarkozy and (President Francois) Hollande, you have messed everything up.”

Speaking after she won 100 percent of a party vote to remain the unchallenged chief of France’s far-right National Front, Le Pen added: “These parties (Sarkozy’s UMP and Hollande’s Socialists) carry the full responsibility for our situation.”

The firebrand politician added: “They accuse those who denounce fundamentalism of being Islamophobes, putting everyone in the same boat and forbidding the slightest criticism of the actions of radical Islam.”

More than 1,000 people from a wide range of backgrounds have left France to join the jihadists in Iraq and Syria, with 375 thought to be there currently.

The National Front election came a day after France’s main opposition party, the conservative Union for a Popular Movement, elected former president Sarkozy as its leader.

Given Hollande’s record unpopularity, many analysts believe the 2017 presidential elections could see Le Pen and Sarkozy facing off in a knockout round.

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