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Boys and girls no longer to be able to learn together if Erdogan’s government has anything to say about it.

erdogan mosqueing it

A Turkish friend tells the TT: ”Erdogan wants to ban girls and boys going to the schools, because he thinks that this is “immoral”

Formula to end mixed-sex education

Turkish Government moves to abolish mixed-sex education in Turkey which was started in 1927 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

(Google translation) Although not on the agenda of the 18th meeting of 4 + 4 + 4, Education Council’s decision on the agenda of the meeting 19. Although it is expected again to come to the decision to lift the coeducation.

To determine the steps to be taken in the education system in the 19th National Education Council Meeting; teachers and improving the quality of education yöneteci, curriculum and planning for addressing school safety, although not on the agenda, as in previous hither “an end to co-education” and “the expansion of the scope of religious education” in the for secret title is expected to come on the agenda.

The recommendations issued in 2010, the 18th National Education Council decisions taken in the 4 + 4 + 4 had formed the basis of all the details of the system. From students, parents to the ministry yöneteci from, participation of all stakeholders in the education trade union education as the 19th National Education Council is meeting tomorrow.

Board of Education, 5-day Council meeting of the official agenda, “Curriculum and Weekly Charts”, “Improvement of Teacher Qualifications”, “Improving the Quality of Educational Administrators” and “School Safety” was defined as. This agenda item was completed in the preliminary study of the provincial education offices and sent to the Council General Sektreterliği reports and official work program thus formed.

More here in Cumhuriyet

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