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Swedish girls ‘forced’ abroad to join Isis

Swedish girls 'forced' abroad to join Isis

Young people in Kobane Syria. Photo: Amr Nabil/TT

Published: 01 Dec 2014 10:25 GMT+01:00

Sweden’s Security Service has expressed concerns about a rapid rise in the number of Swedes heading to Iraq and Syria to fight for Isis, as Sweden’s official coordinator against violent extremism suggests some girls are being forced to make the journey.

Anders Thornberg, who is head of Sweden’s Security Service Säpo, told Swedish television network SVT that the country was one of a number of European nations experiencing the same phenomenon.

“It’s an explosive development. When I talk to my colleagues on the other security services in Europe and around the world we see the same trend,” he told the Agenda programme on Sunday night.

He suggested that up to 300 Swedes had travelled to countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria to fight for Isis, a figure he also quoted in a radio interview last month.

In July, Sweden appointed a national coordinator against violent extremism, former Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin.

Her role is to improve cooperation between local authorities, government agencies and other relevant organisations and to help develop initiatives in education.

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