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But first a word by Fjordman at Jihad Watch on the subject of ‘‘Islam and science”:

I’m glad he (University of Columbia’s Arabic and Islamic Studies Professor George Saliba) specifies that by the term “Arab science” he actually means anybody who happened to live under Arab-Islamic rule, not necessarily Arab Muslims. Nevertheless, I don’t approve of the term. Whatever was achieved in science during this time period was rarely done by Arab Muslims. “Islamic science” was almost totally dependent upon translations, frequently made by non-Muslims, of the achievements of pre-Islamic cultures, Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, etc. Moreover, a striking number of Muslim thinkers were Persians, who owed more to their pre-Islamic heritage than they did to Islam.

Turkey’s science minister says Muslims discovered earth is round

Turkey’s science minister says Muslims discovered earth is round

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık. (Photo: Cihan, Mevlüt Karabulut)

November 29, 2014, Saturday/ 14:32:17/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM / ISTANBUL

Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık has said Muslim scientists discovered that the earth is round.

Işık’s stataments came as he addressed a group of businessmen in Konya on Friday night. Stating that the Islamic world had shaped the word in many aspects, he gave examples from leading Muslim discoveries. “Even 700 to 800 years before Galileo, 71 Muslim scientists led by al-Khwarizmi and came together at the order of Caliph Al-Ma’mun revealed that the earth is round,” the minister said.

“While Europe was deep into the darkness of the Middle Age, Islamic scholars achieved inventions that shaped the future of the World,” he said.

Although the minister implied that Galileo discovered the Earth was round, the issue is a matter of controversy among scientists who think the discovery dates back to Aristotle. Galileo is known to have theorized the Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun.

More here. H/T: POTB

NOTE: This all comes on the heel of Turkey’s grand poobah Recep Erdogan’s (bogus) claim that Muslims discovered the Americas long before Christopher Columbus. Here’s Richard Francaviglia, an adjunct professor of religious studies at Willamette University in Salem, Ore.:

The evidence for the presence of Muslims in America before 1492 is underwhelming. On Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to America, he reported seeing a “mountain like a pretty mosque” along the coast of Cuba. Some Muslim readers think Columbus actually saw a mosque rather than a mountain that only resembled a mosque.
Arab maps were the best in the world, but none of the existing early maps demonstrates any knowledge of the Americas. Arabs also were prolific writers. Francaviglia thinks it’s virtually impossible that Arab explorers discovered the Americas and made no mention of the fact.

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  1. Ah yes. The Perfect Followers of the Perfect Man over 1,400 years later still wipe their bums with their left hand, yet they somehow managed to discover every possible thing in the entire Universe! Isn’t it amazing…but, there are two more things still escaping their tiny little lizard-like brains…how to live in peace is one, and how to love , is, well, the other.

  2. Eratosthenes Calculated the Earth’s Circumference in 240 B.C. This is 800 years before muhammad invented islam(words are intentionally not capitalized). Praise be to good Lord that muslim sub-humans have ministers like Minister Fikri Işık to head Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Dept.
    Here is the Link that explains how Eratosthenes worked out the Earth’s circumference.

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