anti-Semitic attack Germany


It’s open season on the Jews, and if planning on living in Germany (not wise), I whole heartedly advise that they pack some heat.  

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Israeli Man Attacked in Berlin After Leaving Chabad House

Israeli visiting Berlin, with interest in moving there, was attacked by four assailants speaking ‘German with an Arab accent.’
Anti-Israel demonstration in Berlin

Anti-Israel demonstration in Berlin

An Israeli tourist visiting Berlin was attacked on the street Sunday evening. He suffered a black eye, bruises, and fractured fingers.

The man, 22, was beaten and kicked, by four apparently Muslim men, upon leaving a a Chabad house in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf neighborhood. Reports indicated that the assailants were four men who spoke German with an Arabic accent.

Although not wearing anything that may have identified him as Jewish, the victim was certain his identity was the impetus for the attack. “I have no doubt they attacked me because I looked Jewish or Israeli to them,” he told Yedioth Aharanoth.

Describing the assault, the Israeli stated, “Right after I left, four people suddenly jumped me and cursed me in German with an Arab accent. They beat and kicked me.”

“They really had murder in their eyes. I was in shock. Some passersby came to help and they simply ran away, otherwise I don’t know how it would have ended.”

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