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Yet, and it’s exactly that model Obama and the Dems (with RINO GOP’ers managing) want to foist upon the U.S.

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

“We have to keep in mind the population is getting older,” said Ladaique. “When France introduced its social security system there were seven workers for every one retired person, now there are only four workers and there are estimates that say in 30 to 40 years there will only be two people working for every one retiree.

NOTE: What’s not mentioned here is the complete inability for any welfare state to take in mass numbers of illegal migrants, immigrants and refugees.

French welfare spending ‘not sustainable’

French welfare spending 'not sustainable'

Photo: AFP

Published: 25 Nov 2014 18:00 GMT+01:00

Nearly a third of France’s GDP goes on its welfare system, making it the country with the highest social expenditure in the world, new figures revealed this week.

France spends some 32 percent of its GDP on its welfare state, well ahead of the global average of 22 percent, according to a new report from the Paris-based economic think-tank the OECD.

Finland, Belgium, and Denmark are the only other countries whose spending tops 30 percent of the GDP. In the UK it stood at 22 percent and in the US 19 percent.

One of the authors of the report Maxime Ladaique told The Local that French levels of spending on pensions, health care and the like are no longer sustainable.

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