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It’s the 32% of those who don’t that worries me.

And after all of the incitement by Paleostinian leaders:

synagogue attack

A bullet hole in a door of the Jerusalem synagogue where two Palestinian terrorists killed four rabbis and a police officer, November 19, 2014. (photo credit:REUTERS)

68% of Israeli Arabs oppose recent wave of terrorism, poll finds

An overwhelming majority of  68 percent of Israeli Arabs opposes the recent wave of terrorist attacks, while 77% prefer to live under Israeli rule rather than Palestinian, according to a recent poll by the Statnet research institute.

The poll, commissioned by Channel 10 and published on its website, also found that 84% of Israeli Arabs support Knesset members who condemned the attacks in Jerusalem, while fully 81% believe Israel is trying to harm the status quo on the Temple Mount.

Just 16% opposed the condemnation of the attacks by Arab MKs.

Yousef Makladeh, CEO of shared with The Jerusalem Post on Monday previously unreleased data, which broke down Arab support according to religion.

Of the Israeli Arabs who oppose the terrorist attacks, 88% were Druse, 80% Christian, and 64% Muslim.

Of the percentage of Arabs who prefer to live under Israeli rule: 70% were Druse, 57% Christian, and 49% Muslim. And those that preferred to live under the Palestinian Authority: 2% were Druse, 5% Christian, and 18% Muslim.

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